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Language Exchange
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*Attention! The maintainer of this community speaks only English, and so everything is written in English. Translations of the community’s texts into other languages would be very useful, but right now, it’s all English.

The purpose of this community is to let people studying a language meet up with native speakers, who are in turn studying their own native language. This way, people can both teach and learn languages while talking about their interests, life, opinions and experiences over email and text messages.

-Be polite, no insulting of members or other people, no bashing of opinions.
-Be patient. You aren’t going to get responses immediately (as you can see, this community is just starting out).
-No cursing or excess of PG-13 content. Feel free to say whatever you want elsewhere, but not here. Easy rule.
-Use your common sense.
-Be respectful and aware of other’s language ability. Use spell check and grammar check if you are a native speaker, so that everyone (even native speakers) can understand what you’re saying. Be forgiving of those who can’t yet speak a language well.

This community contains profiles of people interested in a language exchange. To search profiles, go to the memories section of the community, and browse through the profiles, which are listed by their native and studied languages.

Profile Sheet:
-Name or Alias:
-Native Language:
-Language Being Studied:
-Ability in Language Being Studied:
-A little about yourself: (Your interests, what your life is like, what you enjoy, what you dislike, why you’re studying a language, what you like to talk about, hobbies, music choices, obscure facts. Basically, anything you think would be interesting about yourself that you are comfortable revealing.)
Preferred Communication Method: (Email or Instant messenger, or both)
-Contact info: (Required. You need something for others to contact you with. Email or instant messenger.)
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